Accommodations and Meals

Barney Hall

September 18-23, 2019
Online Application – deadline June 14, 2019

To take up residence in Adamant, Vermont for a long weekend of piano is to immerse oneself in country living. The music school is surrounded by trees and grassy meadows, and there is stillness all around. The main building, Barney Hall, houses the dining hall, bedrooms and a practice/teaching salon. Chase House also provides bedrooms and practice studios. In addition, there are dozens of individual practice studios spread out over the grounds, each accommodating two grand pianos. You will never bother your neighbor or “disturb the peace” when you practice, as no two walls are touching among the practice studios.


Accommodations are simple and comfortable in each of the quaint houses, with 7 or 8 rooms lining a hallway. Bedrooms either single or double, and there are three shared bathrooms with showers on each floor. Bedding and towels are provided, and there are plenty of blankets. Wifi is available in Barney Hall.

The dining room at Barney Hall


Playing good music demands eating good food!.  Works-In-Progress, Vermont, puts equal emphasis on having an excellent culinary experience as well as a musical one. Chef Mark Miller creates a balanced menu that accommodates food preferences, while celebrating the bounty that is Vermont in September, with an abundance of ingredients sourced from small, independent farms.

A sample daily menu*

Breakfast Fresh squeezed juice
Fruit Salad
Croissants with jam
Lunch Garden Salad
Homemade minestrone
Selection of cheeses
Peach iced tea
Dinner Mushroom barley risotto
Roasted chicken
Green beans with ginger
Tomato and watermelon radish salad

*Please indicate food preferences on your application.

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