An Extended Weekend Residency for Amateur Pianists

September 18-23, 2019
Online Application – deadline June 14, 2019

Individual practice studio among the trees

It is an invitation to dedicate time to yourself as a pianist. Take an extended weekend to practice, take lessons, rehearse ensemble works, develop fundamental skills, and share you work with other pianists in a group. There are four full days of music classes. The schedule accommodates 4.5 hours of active study per day, plus group playing class, and as much additional practice as desired. Group playing class meets every day, to allow ample opportunity for each pianist to play music for others.

“The Six Left Feet”

Once pianists have decided whether to focus exclusively on solo repertoire, join with partners to rehearse ensemble works or do a combination of both, piano faculty will support daily work with lessons, coaching and playing class. Three dedicated and enthusiastic teachers, Deirdre O’Donohue, Nathaniel LaNasa and Walter Aparicio, join director Rosemary Caviglia as piano faculty. Pianists have the opportunity to work with each of the teachers every day. Piano Works In Progress, VT maintains a ratio of one teacher to four participating pianists.

Sleeping quarters

Participants stay in one of the quaint buildings that house sleeping quarters. Single or double rooms are available, and accommodations can be made for a spouse/friend to stay for the weekend. Enjoy wine and cheese and healthy meals prepared by Chef Mark from ingredients that are sourced from Vermont’s local farms and made available at the food coop in Montpelier.

Upper Adamant Pond

Afternoons are kept open; feel free to take a walk, take a nap, take pictures, have a swim, visit the Adamant Coop, borrow a book from the music library, take a trip into town, paint with Adamant’s local artist or do whatever it is that interests you. There is Wifi in Barney Hall. You will find that the days are spacious, and it is very easy to make yourself feel at home.

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